Here is a small summary of what our clients say about us…

We value highly the service and commitment provided

“Donna has worked in partnership with Optamor for a number of years and we value highly the service and commitment that she provides both to us as a partner organisation and to a number of our customers across multiple industry sectors. Donna has provided us with coaching, mediation and training solutions and she is often requested by the Optamor team and our customers for her personal style and the energy she brings to each training intervention with us. Donna understands our values and those of our customers and is therefore a valued member of our external team and we look forward to our continued partnership with her.”


Donna’s Open And Focused Coaching Style Were Key To Our Team Development

“Since the re-configuration of the Department of Architecture and the Built Environment (ABE) there was a real need to develop a strong team culture that went beyond individual reporting to the Head of Department. The two day workshop developed by Donna worked to ensure that the ABE management team got to know each other and built a relationship of trust that would guarantee a dynamic and rich framework to help deliver an array of rich results across all departmental activities. Donna’s workshop was the first step to create an engaging management team that will involve the department in a meaningful, energetic and joyful way of working. Donna’s open and focused coaching style were key to help develop the management team.”

Elena Marco
Head Of Department Architecture And The Built Environment

Highly Beneficial Sessions

“I whole heartedly recommend Donna Page for both coaching and personal development training. She has extensive experience as trainer and coach and clearly has a passion for helping others to develop their own career and professional skills.

Whether in small group training or individual coaching, I have always found her sessions to be enjoyable and highly beneficial to my own development. She is always very well prepared, yet still flexible and adaptable to meet the specific needs of the individuals in any particular session.”


Highly Recommended

“I have found the one-to-one coaching provided by Donna to be very helpful over the last year. The structure of three sessions with time for reflection between them has given me a useful guide in my transition into a new role. I had expected this coaching to focus on the expectations of the organisation for my performance, however I found this emphasis reversed; and what I have found to be particularly useful was Donna’s focus on my own personal development and goals and how these relate to my developing role.

I believe this approach was particularly effective and useful for me and will offer the business great benefits in the medium to long term – because, to put it simply, Donna has helped me reflect on what my job is and what I want out of it. Knowing this now, Donna has put me in a position where I can be more effective in my new job, which must be a help to the business generally. It is probably not a good thing to admit that I have never consciously planned my career before and Donna has helped me think through my development more clearly.
Donna is a thoughtful and personable coach, who is enjoyable to talk to and who gently (almost invisibly[!]) led me through this coaching process. I would be pleased to recommend her work to anyone.”


Extremely Skilled Coaching & Mediation Services

“We have worked with Donna for several years now providing both coaching and mediation services.Donna is extremely skilled in getting a positive outcome for everyone involved, often in challenging situations. She is very responsive, professional and always acts with integrity.”

Donna Green,
Deputy Chief Executive,
Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Donna Is Invaluable

“Donna was invaluable in helping me to provide structure to my thoughts and working practices. Donna practices close active listening to identify very clearly what issues and concerns need to be addressed in order to improve personal performance. She is empathetic but always keen to highlight practices and approaches which will help to arrive at desired outcomes. Donna’s breadth of experience helped to contextualise and rationalise behaviours for me from a range of perspectives. Since working with her myself I’ve recommended Donna to several colleagues as a coach who really can make a positive difference.”

Dr James Lee,  
Head Of Department: Arts And Cultural Industries

Donna has made a significant contribution

“I have worked with Donna for many years and have been impressed by her professionalism and the high standards that she sets and achieves. The feedback from delegates is always extremely positive and Donna has made a significant contribution to the development of managers and individuals through training, team and personal development and coaching. Donna is a pleasure to work with.”


Quite Simply She Is The Most Inspiring Coach I Have Had The Pleasure Of Working With

“I’ve had the good fortune of receiving coaching from Donna Page on a number of occasions over the past three years in the context of group sessions and more specifically one-to-ones. There are simply not enough superlatives to describe Donna’s talent. Quite simply she is the most inspiring coach I have had the pleasure of working with and she has had a profound impact on my professional and personal development. She is authentic and credible in her role given her impressive career history which includes working with well-known, successful business leaders and organisations. This means she has a bank of examples and insight to draw upon when helping her clients find solutions to their present objectives.

She truly embodies the ‘can-do’ attitude and has helped me develop resilience and leadership qualities which I bring to my every day role. Through my work with Donna I have a better understanding of what my core values are as well as sensing the dynamics at play with those around me. Donna has helped me develop a toolkit for managing difficult situations, conversations and maintaining high levels of productivity which has been to the benefit of the organisation. Since working with her my work-related stress levels have been much lower and colleagues frequently compliment my ability to remain calm and focused in periods of high workload…if only I could share my secret that it is the Donna-effect!

I have also taken her techniques back to my department and used them to informally coach colleagues to improve their personal effectiveness and help them navigate through construct challenges. Not a day goes by when I do not employ some of Donna’s techniques at work. She is simply fantastic and I would recommend her without reservation.”


Donna is Key To My Ongoing Professional Development

“Donna provided me with a number of one-to-one coaching sessions which coincided with a particularly difficult staffing issue I was dealing with at the time. Her support and insights during this period were invaluable in helping me to understand and evaluate this specific situation, and develop strategies for dealing with it. As a result I was able to step back and learn from an experience which might otherwise have had little more than a negative impact on me. These sessions were therefore key to my ongoing professional development and beneficial to my organisation.”


We Have No Hesitation In Recommending Donna

“I am very pleased to recommend Donna Page, both as a coach for academic and support colleagues, but also as a trainer and facilitator of our “Essentials” range of training. As a coach, Donna has demonstrated that she is able to support and provide reflective guidance for those academics managing teams and those undergoing change in their roles. Donna has been invaluable as a resource to be an external coach for employees who need either focus for their roles, or to provide a reflective sounding board to ensure that essential projects are completed.We would have no hesitation in recommending Donna to any academic institution.”

Lisa Gridley,
Human Resources Manager – Training & Development

Donna has got to the heart of some really challenging workplace scenarios

“I have worked with Donna over a number of years. Over that time I have worked for 3 employers, across 3 different sectors and in each case Donna has been able to design and deliver a tailored solution to meet the needs of both the end user, myself and the organisation.

Donna has provided the following services for me:

  • Provision of workshops to a wide range of audiences, for example, Equality and Diversity workshops with Executives, Senior Managers and staff.
  • Individual coaching at executive and senior manager level.
  • Team coaching across a variety of professional groups.
  • Mediation across a diverse set of professions, again ranging from senior leadership to front line staff.

Donna has got to the heart of some really challenging workplace scenarios and her interventions have provided a catalyst for change and improvement.
Donna builds meaningful and lasting relationships with whomever and wherever she works.
I regularly advocate and signpost members of my networks to Donna for the services she provides.”